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The Cellar

The cellar has a number of specific characteristics that help the production of different wines with high quality. It is equipped with stainless steel fermentation tanks with temperature control and automatic pumping, stainless steel storage tanks, French oak barrels, wine filters, filling and labelling line with the capacity of 1500 bottles / hour.

When the grapes get in the cellar, they go through a quality control process, after that they are stalked, a process of total or partial elimination of the woody parts of grape bunches, followed by crushing, which sets the pulp and juice of the grapes free.

The grape must is put into vats where the fermentation process takes place and the sugar becomes alcohol. The stainless steel vats allow a better control of the temperature of the fermentation that contributes to the preservation of aromas and to the freshness of the wine. The wines may be stored in stainless steel vats or be aged in barrels of French oak. After the storage of the wines it follows the filtration process, where the wine goes through a filter and the particles and impurities are retained in there.

The bottling is the last process, which consists in depositing an exact amount of wine in bottles. Then the cork is placed in the bottle, followed by the label, the capsule and the warranty seal. Finally, the bottles are placed in boxes.

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