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The vineyards of Quinta da Carregosa are located in Balsa do Douro, Tabuaço, in the Douro Region, near the Távora river, a small river of the Douro River. Quinta da Carregosa gets along a schistose slope of about 40 hectares.

The schist has a high heat-retaining capacity during the day, which is gradually released during the night, thus reducing the daily temperature variation and contributing to the progress of maturation.

The slopes of Quinta da Carregosa have an advantageous sun exposure (south / east), reaching an altitude that goes between 200 and 500 meters above the sea level. The climate is rigorous, with cold winters and hot dry summers which limit the amount of grapes / ha, producing deep and concentrated wines.

The grape varieties are grafted into different rootstocks, chosen according to their affinity to the grape varieties and characteristics of the soil. There are disparities in the altitude, in the exposition, in the orientation and in the type of soil within the same vineyard. The right planting of the grape varieties is vital to get the best out of the terroir.

Nowadays in the new plantations it is chosen a smaller number of grape varieties, because of their specific characteristics. The mainly red grape varieties are Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Francesa and Tinta Barroca. The mainly white grape varieties are Viosinho, Rabigato and Gouveio. The grape maturation is slow and late, producing very complex and fruity wines, both in aroma and in tasting.

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